Bad deals from online sources

Okay so here is a story of what happened to me. When I was first investigating how to make my music sound better and learned about VSTi's and how to use them. I went to get a copy of GPO this was when vs 2 first came out.. I found a webpage with blow out prices on the first version and so I leaped to the deal. After learning how to work DAW's and all and since being here listening to what others have done with GPO I have been wondering "gosh why cant I get the expression out of it?" this led me to experiments in the DAW to see how much expression it had and all that and I found out it had no change when I moved the mod wheel like it should. after trying to find the issue with no luck I called the number in the packaging that the CD was in and calling Garriten I find out I was had! =\ The Disk I got in the mail looked and was packaged just like a real one but it was a hacked version missing all but the basic samples needed to play. Just a warning from someone who should have known better (I'm a computer tech), only get your software from a trusted source.

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  • Bloody hell!
  • That's crap.
  • I ran into this before but not personally...
    it was a copy of photoshop on a clients computer, they hired me to upgrade there OS and put all there old software back on. and I knew right away the photoshop was a pirated copy and when I asked them they siad they got it from a store online. same MO as my copy of GPO =(
  • I'll be straight with you. When I was first hooked up to the internet (about 5 years ago), I used to regularly download episodes of Star Trek and the odd movie from Limewire or Ares etc. But ever since putting my music online, the thought of someone putting their name to my music or making money from it (as if) sends me into such a rage, I just won't entertain the concept of file sharing or piracy. Intellectual theft is the worst sort of theft there is.
  • Of course, if it's a good deal you're after in the world of music technology, I'd recommend Dolphin. They have some fabulous deals on music software, and it's all above board. If not that, then try Digital Village.

    These are reputable companies (providing they still exist, looking at the state of the economy at present).
  • Whilst GPO may well "about the least expensive orchestra sample library on the market", what is expensive to some is very cheap to others. It also appears that the intention of Mike's discussion on the subject was as a warning to others as opposed to an attempt to gain 'sympathy' from others.

    The good thing about this terrific website is that composers such as Mike are able to communicate their past experiences to others in the hope that they may not make the same mistake. In the present economic climate, it all too easy as a talented young musician to be attracted to these "almost too good to be true" deals that appear on the website (I say ''almost" because up until a few days ago I would have turned my nose up to any "too good to be true" deal, until I found that the recent "free" deal from 'Soundsonline' was in fact, true). Now, the current price of Garritan 4 (latest package).....

    ....retails at just under a hundred quid. Now, I don't know about anybody else, but £100 is a lot of money to me. It would keep me in food, electricity and fags for a fortnight at least, and without the frequent noble gestures made by composers such as Mike may well have had the more trusting of musicians spending most of it on a cheaper deal, the type of package that he has been warning us about, and then attempting to live hand-to-mouth for the next week or so, only to find that they had been ripped off.

    To be a potentially talented musician without the tools to prove it, is a very frustrating state of mind. Far more frustrating than having a bottomless disposable income with all the best software and limited talent (be assured I am not accusing anyone on this forum of having 'limited talent'. I am just using the term to create an emphatic impact to my argument). And the 'carrots' that are being dangled in front of us by these reckless pirates who don't give a f*** about the distress they are causing, not only to the original creators of these programmes, but also to the struggling musicians who are filling their pockets, are getting more and more difficult to distinguish from the real thing, and I am personally grateful to ANYBODY who takes the time out to set up a discussion about it in order to warn us of them and how to ensure that they are buying from a reputable dealer.

    And it also saddens and disappointments me that a moderator of this, probably the best and certainly most accessible websites for composers and musicians ever created in psyberspace can venomously ''pooh-pooh'' this discussion simply because the product in question is one ot the most competitive of its kind.. It's this sort of techno-snobbery that has no place on this website.

    Ray Kemp said:

    Being that GPO is about the least expensive orchestra sample library on the market, I have no sympathy for you.

  • I hate seeing my innocent post turned into a flame war...

    so how about back to the topic which was hardly hinted upon so far in this discussion.
    that being nefarious individuals taking advantage of people by selling fake/hacked software.

    The web page it was gotten from looked completely legit but turned out to be a forgery of a real web page. Thus making it seem like a real deal.
    the software was probably taken from a P2P network and then burned and the CD and packaging were really well made also perhaps scans of the real thing.
    It is the sort of thing one finds on certain street vendors that sell pirated stuff.

    I personally feel the fool for not realizing and researching before I made the purchase.
    the purpose of this post is to make people aware that this sorta thing can happen, I got lucky and it happened with a minor purchase but what if I had bought the more expensive stuff like a copy of Cubase or something... That would have really sucked then to be had for that much money.

    p.s. GPO may be the least expensive but still at the time it was around $200 in the US and far be it from me to not try to find a deal (which was $100 from said hacked webpage). no sympathy is asked for nor wanted btw.
  • Luckly I wont make the mistake again.

    My copy of EWQLSO is second hand from a composer I am friends with. When he bought the new play version he sold me his old version at a good 60% off.
    my other software is direct from the developer, Guitar pro, Reaper, A few other VSTi's like Way Out Ware's TimewARP 2600, are all direct downloaded from there pages.

    speaking of sweetwater, the hacked page looked ALOT like there site.

    Ray Kemp said:
    The thing is, with increasing download speeds many libraries are now not even getting on to DVD/CD. In fact I've just downloaded a new library this evening of over 1GB with no problems and during the holidays about 40GB of samples but, I bought them from the Sample Developers own web site shop. The common denominator in many of the libraries I download now is the NI Kontakt sampler. It is a sizable spend up front but it does contain a reasonable selection of instruments and importantly allows future libraries to be bought at more reasonable prices because they don't have their own GUI as they are mounted on Kontakt.
    Getting back to your original point. There is only one sure way of getting the real thing and that is by using a reputable dealer. For you I suppose that's the likes of Sweetwater etc.
  • I've never liked that software developers assume they cant tell you what you can and cannot do with a disk after you bought it.
    That idea is the same as a car dealership that you cant resell your car after you have paid for it.

    Software sellers are one of the few things like that, I cant think of any other products like that...
    I just sold an old guitar not long ago, imagine if Yamaha were to assert that that was illegal. I would tell them to shove off, lawyers be damned.
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