Background Piano Music

This is my first post here.
I would really appreciate it if you could give a full critique/anything of interest.
Also, I'm not sure of the genre, so could you perhaps advise me on that too.
I generally don't score my music as such, but rather keep recordings it. I recorded this piece on my piano keyboard. I apologize if it sounds out of time or anything, which could be result of no score, and the fact that I performed it.
Thank you

Background Piano Music - video.mp3

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  • Thanks Bob.
    I appreciate all you've said, and I do intend to begin scoring my music in the near future. It's still a skill I need to become more accustomed to.
    To be honest, I did know that, and I do know that it's important for me to start scoring my music. I was hoping for more of a critique on the piece itself, and I'd also like to know whether it was evident that there's no score or sheet music that I was playing from.
    Again, thanks

  • Thank you.
    I hear what you're saying about the modules, though I actually like composing like this (I also enjoy development and building up in a piece).

  • Hi. Nice easy music with continuous dynamics waves. This is beautiful that you composed and performed it live, because so much adjusting and tuning effort needs to be put into piece that was not performed live for it to still sound as performed live.

    Creating a score is an ideal tradition, but I think that today you can go another way: perform on a midi keyboard. This can be a separate performance from the main sound-recording performance. The result is that you get a midi track, that can be used by pianists to reproduce your playing, being a more accurate guidance for them than a score. On the other hand, the score is much easier to analyze and improvise with. That is why I think that today creating all three music results gives the best start to music piece: audio recording, score and MIDI.

  • Thank you so much for the feedback. I really do appreciate it.
    And I completely agree with everything you said.
    Again, thank you.

  • Hello Liam,

    To my ears it sounds like improvised music for the majority of the material, and my guess is that you base your improvisations on the choices you make during playing about what chord to play next.

    There's nothing wrong with that, but that makes it more of a mood piece than anything you'd listen attentively to. I think you feel that way, too, otherwise you wouldn't have called it background piano music.

    However, I feel that if you limit yourself to simple triads in the harmony as you do (although some choices are unexpected and nice, ivMD, v instead of V, etc.). the voicings of the chords could be better to improve sonority. You often play 1-5-8 in the left hand, which really is a "power chord" (I have always found that a strange name - it's not a chord, and if it were, it would have the least power of all ;)).

    Maybe try a pattern like 1-5-10 in a while. Sometimes you play something like 1-5-8-10, which sounds a lot better to my ears already.

    The problem with the current voicings is that often you double a lot of the notes, and in most cases those superfluous notes, to my ears, don't add to the experience, they distract. But that might be a matter of personal taste.

    What would improve it even more to my mind is paying a bit more attention to melodic development.

    Just some thoughts, hope it helps.

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