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Hello Everyone,

I am trying export from Audacity as a midi file, but it is greyed out.

I have tried changing the import export function, but nothing works. I cannot find anything online. Does anyone know how to export from Audacity as a midi?



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Hi Rob

I cannot see how that would even be possible if you are importing/opening analogue sound files such as mp3.

It could only export midi if it knows what the actual notes are.

Mike L

Are you trying to export audio as midi?  Some DAWs can covert audio to midi but I'm pretty sure Audacity can't.

I know it sounds odd, but my version of Audacity 2.1.1, does have an Export Midi function in the File tab.

I have recorded into Audacity, via audio cables from my digital piano, not midi. That is why I cannot export as midi, I wasn't using a midi controller. Maybe it is something they plan for the future, or I'm just understanding it wrong.

I have tried three software programs that convert WAV or MP3 to midi, and none worked. Very jumpy and distorted results.

As I'm now using Pianissimo for recording my digital piano, so I've resolved the midi issue.

Thanks guys.

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