I think everyone can agree with me when I say that this website has been particularly rewarding for each and every one of us (all 1,276 of us). How can that be? In what way exactly? I hear you ask. OK, I shall make a list. This website, "The Composers's Forum" has: 1. Made me feel part of a friendly and vibrant community. 2. Always been on hand should I need a particular question answered, dilemma solved or a piece of well-intentioned advice given. 3. Given me the chance to play my music to ears that will genuinely listen and either advise, applaud or usually, both. 4. Enabled me to listen to my fellow composers' work for ideas and inspiration. 5. Allowed me to form discussions about subjects that are dear to me. 6. Given me the chance to join in the regular activities such as the logo contest, chatroom, groups etc. And all this has been made possible by the valiant efforts of one man, a certain Mr Chris Merritt (and his fellow moderators). It is a miracle how successfully this site has been maintained. It is improving all the time, constantly adding facilities for our benefit, all in the most democratic and diplomatic ways possible. Now I'm sure a lot of you are aware that Chris is presently trying to recruit as many composers as he can to join him in creating the "World's Longest Piece" (his appeal is on the home page). All he is asking is that everybody contribute just 2 minutes of freshly composed music. The only criteria that is required is that you start in a certain given key at a certain given tempo, and close in a certain given key at a certain given tempo. The bit in between (lasting two minutes) is entirely up to you, in any style, be it classical, jazz, rock, pop, cinematic etc, the choice is yours. If you go to: https://composersforum.ning.com/group/worldslongestpiece, you'll find a discussion called "section chart". Here you'll find a chart with various slots from which to choose what key and tempo you start in/at, and what key and tempo you close in/at (some of these slots have already been filled, but as more people join, more slots will be created. However, there are still plenty of empty slots for the time being). So as you can see, it has all been very well organised. So how would you like the chance to: 1. Show Chris your appreciation of his work in constructing this website by joining him in his quest. 2. Becoming a part of history by composing part of the "World's Longest Piece" (just imagine if all 1,276 of you did so. That would be a piece of fluent fresh music lasting over forty two hours). The choice is yours, but just think carefully about what this site has done for you, and how little Chris is asking for in return. Good luck! Smon Godden

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  • One thing I forgot to add. Can you imagine if this amazing work did make the "Guiness Book of Records" in some way or other, be it the longest piece period (that might be difficult when one considers "The Ring" for instance), or the longest 'non-stop' work, or the work by the largest number of composers. There are so many categories that this project could qualify for IF enough of you are ambitious enough to be part of it. And if successful? Just think of the self-publicity you could generate. Being part of a monumental work by composers from all over the world.

    Again, the choice is yours!
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