Here is my first composition for choir. It has been commissioned by a church choir. The performance isn't perfect because the singers had only 1 rehearsal, some of them were sick. The recording also isn't very good because the gallery where the choir sing is quite small and the microphones are too close to the singers and to the director (you can hear it). Moreover I can't rerecord it later because I am about to go abroad.

But, I still think it worth to be presented. So here it is! If you want the score send me a message.



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  • For practically sight reading in the worst of conditions this is a solid piece. I liked the interplaying parts and the harmonic language. This is an ambitious piece for church choir but it is really nice. With more practice though I can hear this piece being very solid. 
    Only suggestion would be more tempo variation, but that can be something the conductor should control more. 

  • Thanks Tyler! Actually the choir is quite good (amateurs mixed with professionals), they just haven't had enough rehearsal time. And yes, some more tempo variation could be nice.

  • I loved the music and feelings,and I agree with Tyler..
    I think the notes are kind of lost and not obvious, it's just obvious that the choir team didn't take their time to practice, they don't sound confident like if each one is relying on / and waiting for the others to hear the note and before they sing it right and it becomes more confusing for them specially with the harmonic notes..
    other wise the melody, and general mood is's just a matter of performance, then the piece will be very fulfilling..
    Good luck..

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