Asking for feedback. Thx!

Hi!  New to this forum and have been enjoying some of the music on here.  

I would like to submit a piece I have just finished mixing.  This is intended as production music for TV/Film.  

Any thoughts or comments regarding the composition, orchestration, and/or mix would be appreciated.

Also If it brings to mind any tv show or film, that would be appreciated as well.



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  • I think this music would work very well as music under credits for a Crime Drama- very aptly named and very well done :)

    Thanks so much for posting.

    Thanks Bob

  • Thanks for the feedback, Dave.  I'm using EWQL, Hollywood Strings and Symphonic Orchestra.  I am in the process of learning how to use EQ, Compression, etc, on Garageband.    

    I have very light EQ and compression on each instrument.  Should I perhaps back those off and just rely on the EQ and compression on the mix bus alone?  I never know if I should apply plugins to the EWQL instruments.

    Indeed, I would love to get in front of an orchestra.

    Thanks very much for your feedback and your candor.  Much appreciated.

  • Thanks very much, Bob.  I appreciate the feedback.  I'm in the process of learning how to mix correctly and can use all the feedback I can get.  

    Bob Morabito said:

    I think this music would work very well as music under credits for a Crime Drama- very aptly named and very well done :)

    Thanks so much for posting.

    Thanks Bob

  • Dave,
    Yes, as you mentioned, I have read that the EWQL instruments are ready to use "out of the box", but I'm not proficient enough to know how justified this is.  I definitely want to upgrade from Symphonic Orchestra and their single instrument brass and ww.  

    I try to use as little volume automation as I can and rely mostly on the dynamics of the instruments alone, as that seems like it would be the more realistic approach.  But, sometimes I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.  I'm learning.

    I've hung in there with the GB as I'm learning the basics.  I tend to get distracted by bells and whistles - ha.  But, I want to upgrade to Logic or ProTools.  Do you prefer Logic to ProTools?



  • Ray,

    Thanks for the feedback.  Ah. I think I see what you're saying.  It would serve to differentiate some between the main line and the figure?  Is that right, or am I missing it?

    Biggles said:

    I generally enjoyed your thinking on this cue maybe because I’m old enough to remember the period it’s based on :(
    Normally I would comment on the tools and mixing but in this case I have to ask you the question, do you know there are other note lengths than crochet and quaver? I’m sure you do but you haven’t used them here. I just think the main line would flow better by using a lengthened note on the repeated figure creating a less stepping effect. I usually find singing the line to myself helps in making little adjustments in how any instrument player would better phrase the line.

    Just a thought

  • Ah.  Gotcha.  I see what you're saying.  Definitely catches the ear.  Thanks!

    Biggles said:

    Simply this attached example of my thoughts and any such variation you would come up with yourself just to break up the repeating pattern.


  • Very nice.  And much appreciated.  I'm familiar with how the timbre changes with the velocity, but I am always open to learning more.  Thanks very much for your help.  :)    What a great forum this is!

  • Hi Charley, very good, agree with the Crime/Drama.

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