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I would forever value opinion on this work I've created. Perhaps one's interpretation of the piece? 

YouTube video / Song

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Well, I loved this video, and loved the music.  It's catchy, modern, moving.  Is the artwork yours?  In my opinion the YouTube version of your music is badly mixed, needs remixing.  It doesn't do justice to all the work you have put into writing and recording it.  The vocals are lost, as is the clarity of the instruments.  

I look forward to hearing more! Thanks for posting.

The main theme comes to me as young love and maybe it points to a specific situation or maybe it doesn't. In any case, the feelings can be transferred which is what I think any composer would want. The fact that it doesn't transfer to me directly doesn't mean I can't associate with it on some level. Me being an older guy, It reminds me of some long ago relationships I had. Since the lyric isn't particularly deep we can read as much or as little into this as we want. It could even simply be nice music with no thought to the lyric at all.

I liked it. I guess if I had one word to sum how I feel about it, I would say it's abstract done pretty well. The video fits the song nicely which also has a very abstract feel. Abstract isn't a bad thing.

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