I'm in the process of finalising a couple of collections of tracks in different moods/ genres ready to package up and submit to music libraries.

Anybody here have any experience dealing with libraries? Any good/ bad experiences you can share?

I've done a fair bit of research online and there seem to be some very polarised views around music library engagement!

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  • Hi, Matt,

    There's a discussion I found interesting (only very recently fell off the bottom of the main page) about good mid-market sample libraries/users' opinions, started by Timothy Smith. It may be worth a look in - and by all means add to it if you feel inclined. Several libraries were discussed including Miroslav, Spitfire, VSL Special Editions and others and broadened out in various ways.


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  • Thanks Dane, I was actually referring to Production Music Libraries to submit potential tv, film, media cues/ tracks to...however, this thread you've provided is interesting reading regardless!

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