any piano vst recommendation

I listen to Yiruma's piano songs a lot and hope to write some music like that. I really find his piano song is really special in the piano effect compared to others.

I am not sure if he recorded by midi or a real piano, but I am here looking for the best and realistic piano vst or recommendation to make best new age piano songs. I have had Alice key and imperfection samples fozioli but maybe look for more and any advice.


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  • Depends on the quality you want and the musical style.

    Basically there are two choices: Sampled piano (the best of which is about 40Gb). VSL do a nice one at a nice price and it comes with a free player and host software. You need a license key for that.

    Then a modelled piano (about 50Mb). Pianoteq. I have this and their latest offering is very good. Have a look at their site and the demos. You get two pianos with the stage version but you can buy others at about $50. You just plug Pianoteq into your daw as a VST. No license key needed. You register and can then install it on 3 computers.

    There's been a discussion about this recently. Look up the most recent posts.

    Plus, Gav started a thread on it.

    Hope that helps. Others will have their suggestions that may be cheaper but it depends on what you're looking for.

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  • You have many choices. Here's a guy I follow who reviews many of the latest pianos. 

    Here are a few of his latest reviews-

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