• I've found the best source for calls for scores is Composer's Site.    The list there has a filter you can set to show only the ones that have no entry fee.

    Composer's Site
    Composer Opportunity Listings
  • I understand your reluctance to part with your hard earned dollars to enter a composition competition. I am not directly involved with any such competition, but as a board member of a community choir we've contemplated calls for scores. If you want to have your choral music performed my suggestion would be to join a community choir. You'll learn first hand what some of the idiosyncracies of the different parts (low bass cannot sing loud at bottom of their register, tenors often include baritones with higher voices so don't write above high G, altos often have problems projecting and sopranos will always complain when they don't have the melody).


    As for choral composition competitions I agree if you don't win or get an honorable mention you don't get anything but judging such an event is a huge undertaking. Frankly, it costs a lot of time and time is money. I do have a problem with high entry fees, but the Fissinger Competition (entries were due by August 1st) was only $30 and I view that as in investment in their judging process. I entered that competition this year (it's an annual event) and please wish me luck. I've heard about some competitions (mostly in Europe) with considerably higher entry fees (anything much over $50 I won't bother with). So in my mind there's a difference between a reasonable entry fee and one that's gouging us poor composers.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you. Yes, I spent my boyhood and adolescence singing in various choirs, and quite a few of them performed my compositions. I have been composing for vocal ensembles and choirs therefore for about 45 years. Unfortunately not many choirs here in Thailand or I'd probably be conducting one 😊

  • Ditto for the Composer's Site.

    This Austin ensemble regularly has competions for vocal works. They have one right now:


    Composition Contests — Inversion
    • Thank you for that information. I have written so much stuff that I'll definitely submit something 😊

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