Hello everyone!


I am new to this forum, but I would like to introduce you my newest composition. It describes few months of my studies of college, which I have been finishing in that time. So it is about courage but also fear from exams, about long nights spent with learning and finally about freedom after all that mess ended :)


I have been composing music for about 12 years. As you can see, this is my opus nr. 21. I guess you can think, that it's not much, for 12 years experiences. But I am fully aware of fact, that composition of classical music is about thoroughness and care, about slowly adding every note and thinking about every move. So it will take some time...


I will appreciate all your comments and advises and I am looking forward to it.


By the way, I am sorry for my bad english. I am from Czech republic and it is difficult for me to describe such things and feelings :) 


Link to download composition in mp3:



Link to complete score:



For more informations about me and my music, don't hesitate to visit my websites - in english language :)



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  • before tyler comes here and links you to "dah rulezzz" You should have attached the files to your first post, not linked them (just for future reference).

    (also, dah rulezzz have a much longer sophisticated title, but I like the the letter z and the use of dah)

  • Thank you, Clark, for information about the attachment. I fixed it, I really don't want to get into trouble with Tyler :)

    I compressed the song to 85kbps, because of the 7MB limitation, so I hope it will be "listenable" (is it right term?) :) 

  • Why start the piece with a totally empty bar?


  • There's actually no reason for that... it's just a habbit of mine, I am used to do that :) I know it's nonsense.

This reply was deleted.