• Snares are always a pain for me.  I had a chat to Bill Brown a while back about ambience and reverb when doing snares.

    He's done some crazy things to make them a little more "Boomy" in his creations.

    Thanks for the feedback though its always appreciated.



  • Great sound, very rich and warm. Snares don't cause any problems for me as all the percussion is nice and light at the top end.

    What libs are you using? I'm looking to improve my own palette of sounds with some depth.

  • Its a bit of a mixture, some custom. Quite a bit of EWQLS and some smaller bits thrown in.  EWQLRA is in there somewhere too.

  • As a Bond fan I could here very much the modern Daniel Craig style Bond film here. I really liked the brass writing and percussion's pulse


  • Matt,

    I thought i had replied to you before but apparently the iphone didnt like the box so it didnt post i apologise.

    I really hadn't thought about bond when writing it although now you have put that thought into my head im greatful for the comparision :)

    To write for a bond film would be awesome!

  • Hi, Carl

    I like it! I wonder what VSTi(s) you used for this. I love the passage theme in the beginning. But when it came to 2:08 until the end, the melody structure of the strings seem need more development. But on the whole, it's good and I can feel the tension.

  • Sam,

    Thanks for the comments not sure what happened at 2:08 - although i may look at re doing it at some point.

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