• Well, I'm now informed about the title!

    A most pleasant piece, symbolist styled, a masterful composition that flows with ease and a lighthearted energy. It sounds almost as demanding to play as Ravel's Ondine! If you were performing it - brilliant. I particularly loved the way it ended...just ended without a cadential chord. The harmonies at around 3'05 when the tessitura turned toward the middle register were exquisite.

    Your comment was interesting about 'that's 3'58" of your life gone'. It's something that obsesses me at times when I'm "being entertained" and when the experiential result turns out to be trivial. I look on most entertainment as outright arrogance. Who ARE these people expecting to steal a tract of my life to engage in whatever they're trying to foist on me? They're minutes and hours that I can't get back.

    However, I'm ordinarily happy to part with some time for music. Your work was definitely worth 3'28". Virtuosity and style like that is an easy trap for me.

    Cheers now.

    • Thank you very much Dane, I really appreciate your detailed comment and I agree totally with what you say about entertainment. I have lost 2 friends recently which made me think about this topic and have me compose my mementi. It is in these situations, when we are most aware that our life time is limited and there is no way we could possibly know when it is going to end.Very best, Michael

  • Very serene music.

    I love the peaceful sound of the piano, and your piano composition is giving wings to the music, and I am floating with your music.

    I love it!


    • Great, thank you very much for this encouraging comment!

  • Great piano job! I love the way it evolves although it flows so nicely towards the end.

    Yhanks for sharing,


    • Thank you Jos, I am glad you took the time to listen to it. I am now in the process of writing it down and eventually make some small changes. Very best, Michael

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