• very nice theme,good job!!
  • thanks for your feedback guys
  • The percussion makes this piece... really dramatic and gets a thumbs up from me.
    My personal preference would be for a stronger melody, but the drama you've created is impressive.
  • thanks Julian,i really appreciate your critique on this.

    I must admit the percussion took centre stage on this one.

  • So where this might go?....I heard a contrasting section using innocence. A sharp pull back in the energy of the piece with a killer single solo child choir voice carrying a high supporting line. Maybe, have the line transition to a modulation up with double tempo out. But lots of paths to go here. You have setup an awesome soundscape for a number of drama scenarios. I had a lot of fun listening it. Thanks. 
  • Awesome arrangement. Sounds like a blend of Remote Control (Zimmer and friends) and James Newton Howard. JNH is one of my favourit composers, so that's not a bad thing in my book ;)

    I loved the texture of this piece. It could easily work in a hollywood production, or in a cinematic in a game.

    Great work!

  • thanks for that Anthony.its the kind of sound im aiming for with that piece but i also appreciate that 'sound' and way of writing isnt everyones cup of tea,but i do see the value of this way of doing can get a lot of movement and story into a piece with an instant fix feel that doesnt require an hours back story to appreciate a cue on the spot.
  • I like it.

    Lots of energy. I wasn't expecting the rock drums - but they work really well with it. Only thing - though they sound really good in this right now - (in my opinion) rock drums don't tend to hold up real well over years.. I don't know if it's the sonic quality that changes or what.. but they tend to date things.. Not that you're necessarily concerned with how this will age..


    Just an observation, and it might just be my ears.. 


    But it does sound great. And I second what Mr. Art Hughes, above, said.



  • i think your right about the drums.i dont have a big selection of rock drums but i do have an almighty selection of everything else lol.rather typical and all that.


    i do need some good dedicated drum kits to replace this one.

  • A really high adrenalin piece - I really liked it. As it stands it's already really really good, but here are a few suggestions: the female voice at the end needed to go somewhere, or else make it less prominent. Also, I'm a big fan of changing keys. I suggest upping the tension by going up a whole or half step and repeating the main theme from there.
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