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Every year The Composers’ Forum pays an annual fee of $599.00 to Ning, the company that owns the software the site runs on. This annual fee is due at the end of October. In order for the site to continue, your help is needed. If you'd like this site to stick around, please consider making a donation. If enough members donate, the site will continue. The Annual Donation Drive will run through the end of September. If you’d like to see this site continue, please make a donation using the link above. Comments and questions about the Donation Drive may be posted below>


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      • I'm sort of of the same mind as you. (And I thank you for egaging with my latest.) I do hope you'll draw the same conclusion as I and support this forum with a some money, just because it's a good thing to have this forum. There are very few places like this.


  • The Donation Drive ends on 10/7. 90$ remains. If we get 90$ before the deadline, the drive will end early. You can help make it happen! If you use this site, there's only one way to support it!

  • Dane has pointed out one of our problems here at CF which is the poor ratio of posting to commenting.  He's right of course but there's no easy way to rectify that problem.  A lot of sites have required a certain number of comments to be made before posts are allowed, do we really need to do that?

    I'd like to encourage our members to comment and contribute to keep CF alive.  Commenting is easy and doesn't have to take either a lot of time or expertise. You can be extremely critical in a polite and respectful way that helps everyone here to better understand our art. So please make an effort to help our community and comment and contribute to keep us going.

    Dane I would encourage you to continue posting in spite of our problems here.  You have a unique style which influences us whether we acknowlege it or not; there are a lot of people quietly listening to you. Like the rest of us your art has a life of its own and deserves a chance to be heard by many even if its creator gets discouraged.  Heck, you can even join the dump and run crowd if you want!  (Kidding of course)

    • Every site I have been on (and still am on) has a low level of response. I don't think there's a way around it. If there is, I suspect it lies in a sense of community: where people have been on a site a long time and feel a sense of responsibility to each other and try to balance their postings of their own stuff with comments on the work of others. It doesn't help that most sites, at least in my experience, are populated by trolls who only comment when they hate something, which drives people away long before a sense of community could ever be reached. I am happy to say that we at least do not suffer from that here.

    • Ha! I won't dump and run. If I don't acknowledge a comment it's entirely accidental but all comment is appreciated and considered and I do learn - and value the time people give to listen then say 'yay or 'nay'. This has been the place to receive opinion in the wider sphere. Although acquaintances aren't always nice about my work, they are few and I can usually anticipate their comments. 

      I still find this evolution of the site uncomfortable the saying goes, these things are sent to try us!

      And thank you for your kind words here. You've always been a beacon of encouragement and I won't hide the fact I've learned a fair bit from your ensemble writing.

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