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Every year The Composers’ Forum pays an annual fee of $599.00 to Ning, the company that owns the software the site runs on. This annual fee is due at the end of October. In order for the site to continue, your help is needed. If you'd like this site to stick around, please consider making a donation. If enough members donate, the site will continue. The Annual Donation Drive will run through the end of September. If you’d like to see this site continue, please make a donation using the link above. Comments and questions about the Donation Drive may be posted below>


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  • To the person who just donated 25.00, thank you! Your donation came in with a different e-mail address than I have on file for you, so I am not sure who made this donation, but it is much appreciated!


  •  Haven't been here in a while. It looks a lot better than what I remember. Donation gladly donated. Let's see if I can post some music too.

    • Thanks Victor!

  • I'm probably not alone in having been absent for a while. The past year and a half were not conducive to writing or contributing for me. I know different parts of the world dealt with the pandemic very differently,  

    However, it was this forum that got me writing in the first place, and for that I will always be grateful. Hopefully, as the UK begins to open up again I may resume the momentum.

    Best wishes to all contributers, and to Gavin who has done a great job on the site update.

    • Thanks so much Graeme, and we hope to hear from you with new music soon!


  • If you've been a member here for a while and get use out of this site, please consider donating to help it keep going. Thanks!

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