• I mean, the soundtrack is him playing Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra (So Spoke Zarathustra).
  • Aww, that's really cute!

  • Oh.  That was YOUR son who did that.

    The first time, I just SAW it.

    Now that I hear it with "Also Sprache," I see how delightful it is.

    Excellent job.

    I totally approve.



    "Also Sprach," (I meant to say).

    Oh, and be careful.  

    (It would be terrible if he were to become a Nietzschean at such an early age).

  • Nice work, Son-of-Mariza!  My second viewing of it was in slow motion so I could see the individual drawings clearly in sequence.

  • That's great. I love it!
  • Very lovely, my sincerest congratulations to him and to you!


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