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In the Fall of 2018, composers were asked to participate in a contest based on the idea of Animals. All Composers' Forum members are invited to listen to the entries and vote on the top 3. You can vote here:

The voting is now open and the deadline to cast your vote is 12/16/18 at 5 pm EST. Show your fellow composers you care and let them know what you think of the works posted here!

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Composer 00 - Rats Above the Ceiling Tiles

Note from the Composer: "I used to work at a place that was next to a large weedy vacant lot.  Rats colonized there and would come into the office building where I worked.  The rest is history."

Description from the Composer: "Call the Exterminator! Hire a Cat!. They run above us - Noisy - clicking toenails!   One died over the photocopy room. It smells funny in there.  Occasionally I hear a squeak. But I really don`t want to."

Composer 01 - Animals Contest Entry

Description from the Composer: "Dawn breaks in the rainforest, the animals emerge from their lairs and the birds from their roosting places; all is well with the world and the search for food or a mate continues as it has done for millennia. But then occurs a flash thunderstorm which frightens the wildlife and they rush in panic to their places of safety. The storm subsides as quickly as it arrived, and then, once again, peace reigns."



Composer 02 - The Water Snake



Composer 04 - Amphibian


Composer 05 - Grasshopper's Holiday


Composer 06 - Bulldog Boogie Turnover


Composer 06 - My Red Irish Setter


Composer 07 - A Squirrel's Life

Description from the Composer:

Late fall - a crisp wind picks up.
Leaves rustle and drift.
They nervously prepare.
It’s A Squirrel's Life,
and the struggle is real!



Composer 08 - Deep Down, Where the Big Fish Swim



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