Andantino in A major Op.1

Andantino in A major Op.1 pdf


This is my Classical composition. It is a string quartet with piano. I was inspired by the Romantic era music that iv'e been listening to lately. The piece starts with a relatively thin texture and soon builds to a huge moment with tension and anger. The thick texture takes over and the tonality shifts to C sharp minor. This section appears to be wandering to  E major before modulating to A major again. Another Modulation is made at the end and the melody has switched from right hand to left hand on the piano.

Andantino in A major Op 1.mp3

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  • Its a good piece and has loads of potential, however there are just too many orchestration mistakes that is boarders on the line of unplayable.


    The music it self is good, though at times the theme can be unclear due to how much other stuff is going on underneath it. All the lines feel like they are competing for attention.


    You tend to be too liberal with the double and triple stops which can make it very hard for the performer, especially in the cello. Example:  measure 13 and 14 almost look unplayable, or at least way to difficult to play. Some of the double stops also seem unnecessary; example measure 22-25 can be played in both violin parts instead of just one. That is much easier on the performers then having the violin play both notes. 

    When you having the strings go from Pizz to Arco and vise versa, you need to give the performers enough time to switch. A lot of time in this piece, you give them absolutely no time to switch.


    Other then these things, its a good start and has potential, keep up the good work

  • Thanks very much Tyler, this is all great advice which i will take into account! Pete Whitfield said exactly the same thing as you about the double and triple stops.


    With the Pizz and arco, how far ahead would you recommend i put it to give them time?

  • I think this is a good composition, it is a shame about the quality of the string samples but I know that buying good samples are expensive.I would however love to hear this being played back with some good samples.


    When you get hold of some decent samples you should make a re-arrangement of this composition. Maybe take a look at  for a start. To use these you have to have reaper cubase, sonar etc. (software that can handle VST plugins).


    I like the mood of the piece and the chord changes. The piano part could be more expressive and thereby bring even more life to your composition. In the first part where the piano plays I think it should be a bit louder as it is playing the melody here.


    As tyles says this composition has a lot of potential and in my opinion you should definitely keep working at it.

  • Thanks Anders! The samples heard in this composition are those that are in sibelius which is why they arent great. I do have sonar 8 and hope to get cubase soon, and then might have a chance to get some really good orchestral sounds.


    Glad you liked this piece, its only my first so will need to do a few more i think! Thanks for the advice!

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