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  • I'm in the middle of working and found you work here. Listening to it feels just right. The calming melody in the beginning, and then the ryhmic pattern in the mid, with still the melody playing. The structure develops there, before it comes back to a slow melancholic idea. On the last part, I heard a contrapuntal segment, before it finally ends up with a nice touch. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!


  • this surely begins with being modelled on D959 slow movement ---though the writing for the left hand is pretty odd harmonically for the style and often far from convincing. I like the piece more once the tempo picks up after around 2 minutes and again from 4'3" when the modulations become attractive for a while.

    Listening to your sonata on the website, I find here your individual and somewhat eccentric style works more consistently effectively and I got considerable enjoyment from the outer movements in particular.

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