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This is a little soundtrack piece I composed a few months ago.

Ancient Warrior

Best WIshes

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Hi Saul,

 Nice overall themes based on supposed distant war memories. The mix uses distant string patches in terms of reverb and slow legato attacks. Both elements that tend to distance the listener as in more of a daydream about war instead of music correlating directly to a battle. Not a bad thing.

 Most of the drums sound pretty wet with reverb and tended to have a random quality with the exception being at around the 2 minute mark. Those cadences sounded like the army drummer leading the troops. The larger drum beats I think somewhere around the 3 minute mark sound either distorted or like very bad samples.

The buildup at around 1 minute in the beginning  might loose a few listeners who are waiting for a change in the music. 

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Tim,

All valid and good points


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