I just recently found out and joined this Forum. Great place to be and some excellent and very usefull discussion going around.


So here's my first mp3 post, titled "Here at Last". Its a Christmas based theme for full orchestra. Its a bit short and still needs more development for the various themes. I am using EWQL Gold on Pro Tools 8. EQ and final Mastering with Waves Mercury Bundle and L3.


Please let me know what you think.


Jean Paul

Here at Last.mp3

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  • Awesome track, very entertaining & positive.
    I think you made a fantastic job putting it all together,
    no technical complains in the composition nor orchestration, others that work this genre might have more comments on that.
    on the production side, for my personal taste, sensed the highs a bit high -I'm sure you did that on purpose tho, the thing with highs is that they tend to tire the ear, which is something to think about.
    Best Regards,
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