I wrote and produced this piece a couple of years ago, long before I had purchased East West Symphonic Orchestra and other decent tools.

I've been in two minds as to whether to post it here, but since I'm considering re-doing with the better quality tools I now have, perhaps it's a good time to hear some critique on the original.


Anyway, here it is.

Slipped away .mp3

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  • This is going to sound wrong, but bear with me - I just woke up, and I've been watching a lot of comedies lately.

    Makes me picture little people (midgets) dancing and running around in slow motion on a bright and sunny day.
    Was that the intent? :)

    You said it was pre-East West, so I don't know if this still applies, but if I were to give you feed back on it as a continuing work, I'd say:

    Play with the dynamics - particularly the piano.. a bit of rise and fall in the velocities would go a long way to add some character. And I would say to find a different string sample set (obviously no longer valid) - they seem kind of overbearing in the face of the delicate piano.. (just from a mix perspective, not necessarily the arrangement.) And it doesn't really build toward the brass the way I think you may have meant it to.. (because the strings are so FULL ON throughout)

    That being said - what are the strings from? They sound like they'd be great in a Blade Runner context..

    Pretty sure I hear the intent in there (assuming it's NOT dancing little people)..

    It might just need the dynamics inherent in the more expressive sample sets..

    2cts. Grain of Salt, etc.
  • Thanks for the comments. I agree with everything you've said. At the time I did this I simply didnt have the understanding of my tools to create the emotion I was feeling. Quite frustrating.

    The sounds are a blend of halion orchestra (which really isn't bad) and my 18 year old acoustic modeling synthesizer.
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