• Mr. Park is it possible to find scores of your works on scores platforms ( or in the near future? I would like to learn some pieces of them, especially Fugato!  

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    • Dear Mr. Hasselbank,

      First of all, thank you very much for your interest in my composition.  Unfortunately, scores are not available for this piece. If you want, I can try to make a score for the fugato section of the music and email it to you.  It will take time for me to make scores since I cannot read musical scores well.  Anyway, please let me know if you are interested in receiving the score for the fugato section via email.

      Vielen Dank!

      Best regards,

      Minseo Park

  • Hi Minseo,

    what could one say beside it's a great work? Melodies and timbres are perfectly matched with the images and also very catchy.

    It sounds very professional to me.

    So kudos



    • Hi Gabriele, thank you very much for your nice comments!  Cheers,


  • Wow, this is a long one. Hard to comment in detail because of the length. Overall, great orchestration and captivating music. Quite moving in some parts. Was this composed independently and the video added afterwards, or was the music conceived with the video in mind?

    I did find the ending a bit abrupt; given the epicness of all that came before, I was expecting a little more fireworks to finish. :-D  Perhaps the fugue section could be extended a bit more, with more climactic buildup, and the ending perhaps repeated with more emphasis? Even just a few more terminating tutti chords might do the trick. But that's just my biased opinion.

    • Hi, H. S.,

      Thank you very much for your comments! 

      Video was added to the music after the composition, not the other way around. 

      I was also thinking about making the ending part longer, but decided not to do that since the piece is already long.  In addition, I thought the stretto-like passage was climactic enough, keeping the momentum to the short coda section. Older version of this music was much longer than this, so I had to shorten many parts.  

      Anyway, I again appreciate your valuable opinion and insightful suggestion!!!  I will keep that in my mind for my future project.

      Best regards,

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