This is the first movement of a new concerto I am writing for the former saxophone professor of Florida State University, Patrick Meighan, and one of his former students. All feedback/criticisms are welcome. It aims to capture the essence of the english language in music form, more specifically the punctuation. The first movement, is entitled "!" for a reason, so hold on to your earbuds. 

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  • Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Some general observations.

    Seems to me that music itself is an expression of language.

    I'm not sure I hear what holds this movement together. Especially the complete mood change after the 2 minute mark. I like that section, by the way.

    I don't know how you intend to proceed, but what I hear in this movement is the ground work for three movements. Thus doing away with the need for this movement. That's just me, however.

    So, you have punctuation at the beginning of a sentence. 

  • Hi Brandon, I think this is fantastically 'bombastic' from start to finish, and I will punctuate that with a - well done.

    This most certainly has high potential. I look forward to hearing it completed. It is a novel concept and, at least for me, what the Art of Music is all about. ( at least 1 aspect of it's expression anyway )  I had never really considered syntax and punctuation as a factor of 'National' music. Being a 'product' of my environment, and the language I am most familiar with, may explain why I don't have much of an 'ear' for the music of other ethnicities. It's been said that music is a Universal language... in some ways yes, in other ways no. Thanks for enhancing my perspective !   Happy Harmonies,  RS

  • Punctuation, that's a great idea Brandon.  I like the heavy emphasis and contemporary and pop motifs that you use here and there, a bit of Gershwin for the 21st century?  And a rock back-beat at 1:30, very cool. The sax players should enjoy this!

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