How does this look and sound compared to last time?  How long does it take to switch from flute to piccolo? How could I make this neater? If we were to consider this a miniature concerto, where would one put the french horn line?   Any and all comments and critiques welcome.  Thank you all as a community for helping me improve my composing.

I also included the audio from another movement even though the score isn't quite ready.

StaffPad Ambulance Ride Movement I (4).pdf

ambulance ride movement i.mp3

ambulance ride ii.mp3

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  • Its a little hard to determine what going on, as nothing is really developed. I also don't quiet understand your harmonic language. They are not quiet chords but not quiet dissonant and its very inconsistent, thus making some notes sound almost in error. The piece is also terribly too short. I can't emotionally or mentally invest in this piece because it gone to fast. You need to write a little bit more. 

    Im going to mirror what Bob said, these instruments are not going to sound good live in their extreme ranges. Those horns are WAY to high (especially if this is a non-transposed score then they are out of range) and the flutes are a little too low for playing against the rest of the orchestra (they will be almost inaudible). 

    These pieces definitely still sound like sketches, and not a complete work. 

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