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[Please note that I have no connection with Amazon except as a customer and do not benefit in any way if people buy their products on my recommendation.]

I recently got a free trial subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, and I thought people in this group might be interested in an opinion on it.

What I've got is the individual non-Alexa version (amazon's web site will explain this.) It supposedly gives you access to 10,000,000 songs, ad free, which you can play on pretty much any device (phone, tablet, desktop) with their free music app.

The best thing about Music Unlimited is that you can find virtually anything you want.  My music tastes range from conventional (jazz, rock, classical) to rather obscure (medieval, contemporary Greek, folk field recordings, old humor and novelty,) and I can report that I've been able to find 99% of what I've looked for, plus a lot of things in these genres that I hadn't known about.

So I think I will stay with it, in spite of some down sides:

  • Everything seems to be mp3s, which will bother some people for some types of music but not others. So if you want the better quality of other media or file types, you won't get it.
  • A major disadvantage of all services like this is that you usually lose access to the liner  notes which used to accompany CDs and Vinyl.  (Commendably, the Smithsonian Folkways web site, which now seems to house all their albums in digital form, lets you download pdfs of the original liner notes for free, even if you don't buy the music.)
  • The one irritating "gotcha" I've experienced is that if you're looking for classic rock collections, you'll find many which the description doesn't make clear, or doesn't tell you at all, are actually cover versions by artists no one ever heard of.  I've downloaded several of these albums only to have to remove them from my stream when I realized what I was listening to.

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Excellent information, thanks for sharing, Jon!


I have a subscription to Apple music - had it for a couple of years now and can't fault it, costs 9.99GBP per month. I tried Amazon but didn't like the UI.


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