Hi to everyone!

This is my first post around here I think.

I recently upload a new song and I would like to know what you think. Is basicaly a combination of various styles, mainly flamenco, but with some orchestra stuff, jazz, ethnic, 90% is made by samples, except the guitars.

Hope you like it!

Here is the soundcloud link, I tried to post the link from my profile, but I couldn't :P



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  • I really liked the composition, nice mix of styles. The guitar has a very beautiful sound but the track need some more mixing. The most obvious thing is that the drums seem to be at the front and they drown out the guitar. You should lower their level down and add them some reverb. The orchestra and the sax need maybe also some more reverb. Finally you can add a reverb on the master and maybe a slight compression to glue things together. But the composition is very nice!

  • Thank you very much for your advice Bernard and for your words.

    I agree with you, I have heard this song in different speakers (Car, etc..) and I notice what you say. Unfortunately I don't have studio monitors :P so is hard sometimes to achieve a good mix. I often mix with a "good" headphones that I have, but I know they don't compare with some studio monitors!.

    Studio monitors will be my next buy for sure :)

    Thanks again for your time and words!!

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