Allegro for Orchestra

Back to the classicism!

This is an orchestral sketch made I in a classical style, I started composing in this style when I became a composer, then I went for more modern styles. I decided to compose one piece in the old style to check if I hadn't forgotten hehe. Not going back honestly.

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  • Hi Javier,

    it might sound outdated, of course, but how I wish to be able to master harmony and counterpoint the way you do. Great display of your skills!


  • Doesn't sound like you've forgotten! (Except maybe how to write an ending- just kidding, but it did leave me feeling unsatisfied when it suddenly stopped!)

    Tasteful orchestration that is very reminiscent of Mozart-technique, perhaps in form of writing too. And very decent programming skills of whatever virtual orchestra was used. Dynamics helped it really come to life. 

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