"Agnus Dei" for chamber choir

Hello everyone!


Before Christmas I would like to show you some religion music composed by myself. It's "Agnus Dei", composed in 2008 and performed by really great Lithuanian choir "Jauna Muzika". Please say a few words :)





Mantas Savickis

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  • I usually don't listen to this kind of music at all, but I think it is great - very atmospheric! And in spite of the harmonic and rhythmic complexity very enjoyable to listen to. I don't think I can add anything else to this, as you are an accomplished composer and I am not. But getting listeners quite far outside the "target group" to enjoy your compositions is not easy, still you did in my case :)

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, loved the harmonic language. And bravo to the performers and their interpretation of the piece. This piece is so much on the bane of what is going on in choral music today I can see this being performed multiple times.

    There are some nit-picky things I would address in the notation:

    Im not the biggest fan of having only numerical tempo markings (quarter note = some number). Personally I find it works better to have at least a tempo marking such as adagio or lento, or even in your own language like writing slow or slow and serious on the top of the staff. because, unless the director is a human metronome or rehearses with one (which most choirs do not do) they have no idea what quarter-note = 45 sounds like in tempo.


    I also would have like to see slur markings over melismas and two notes sharing a single syllable.  I find that it reads a little clearer.

    But those are just nit-picky ideas. Clearly it didtn stop the choir you had from making a beautiful recording


    Great job.

  • Very beautiful! Though I'm a Lutheran, I'd love to bring the musical masses into our church, no matter if it's in Latin or not. I've had the pleasure  of singing choral music composed by Bengt Johansson, a Finnish composer, late modernist. This piece reminded me of his music, but I sense that you have something of your own here, anyway something newer.
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