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Hi! I just started composing about a month ago and would really like some advises. I intend to maily focus on Movie scoring or orchestral music since this is something that have Always been a dream to work with. So I have a few questions since I am pretty new to this. And by the way, I currently use FL Studio 11 with the EWQL CCC2 and some other soundfonts that I have downloaded.


1. What to about when mixing different instruments and equalizing them? I usually just go by feel now but would like to have some method.


2. How do I get my music to sound "louder". I Always have to turn up my volume when listening to the exported mp3, and also in the DAW. When I play it in the DAW though the sound goes to the limit on the dB scale so if I turn it up more there it gets distorted.


If you have some time, please have a listen to: This is my first real score and I would like any tips on how to get a better mixing or just tips on the general sounds. Any other advises or tips are off course also very appreciated since I really want to improve as a composer :)


Sincerely Elias

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  • Hi, Elias,

    This sounds pretty good for a beginner! I'm too much of a DAW beginner myself to offer specific advice.

    You might want to post this in the DAW discussion forum if you don't get the responses you want here.

    Also, a great resource for beginners with DAW questions are some of the free online classes in music production offered by

    Here's a link to some of their offerings:

    Congrats on completing your first real score.

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    Rule of thumb would be to first monitor the mix, and if you can't fix issues there, then go on to EQing specific frequencies and whatnot. It's all ears really. If you hear a troublesome buzz or too much mud in a specific range, you adjust that. Also compare the mix to recordings you like and are very familiar with, and try to emulate their overall sound.

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    Compression. That's it, really. BUT don't go on to compressing anything until you've fixed the mix with other tools. You can gain plenty of headroom just by EQing certain instruments so that they all have some room to breath across the sound spectrum.

    Oh, and definitely the first thing you always should do is make sure the orchestration is somewhat proper. If a thing can never possibly sound good when played by real musicians, making it work inside a DAW becomes somewhat difficult :) I'm not saying this piece has any issues of the sort. Just a thing to think about.

  • Hey Elias, 

    A plug-in I recommend is PSP Vintage Warmer, just with the presets alone you can get your music sounding louder and more powerful as it boosts certain frequencies and helps round out the mix.  I would tinker around with it and wouldn't completely rely on it but it will definitely help!
    Download the demo first before your purchase to test it out on your tracks!

    By the way, I enjoyed your track.  Very calming and soothing and it's pretty damn good for a beginner! 

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