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Hello, i'd like to learn something more about modern instrumental techniques - 

unfortunately, it is really impossible to get some proper litterature in my country... and because i'm a student with no icome, i can't afford to buy books from abroad... 

Do you think it could be possible for some of you to help and share some books via e-mail, torrents or rapidshare? 

for instance, these books seem to be very useful:

Gardner Read: The Compendium of Modern Instrumental Techniques

Carin Levine: The Techniques of Flute Playing I. and II.

Peter Veale: The Techniques of Oboe Playing

Phillip Rehfeldt: New Directions for Clarinet

Benny Sluchin: The Contemporary Trombone Excerpts

Sergio Penazzi: The bassoon : other techniques

Allen + Patricia Strange: The Contemporary Violin

Henri Bok: New Techniques for the Bass Clarinet

Thanks for any suggestions..

P.S.: Few useful sites on this subject: - flute - woodwind fingerings charts - clarinet multiphonics resource - clarinet, bass clarinet

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The best source for techniques is the players themselves. Sit down with a singer, flute, clarinet or any instrument you want to write for for a few hours and ask them what they can do or ask questions like 'what about if you try this?'. If its something that you can try yourself (like percussion) go for it. The only thing that I've found books really useful for is standardising notation.

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