• Well, I found it a perfectly wonderful piece.

    IHaving written several 'soliloquies' along similar lines it's no way alien to me.   I didn't look for any serial stuff except it doesn't appear to be obvious in the work. I particularly noticed the lack of barlines but punctuated by commas as in mediaevil m/s and again a style familiar.  (I rarely use barlines in the sketching stage of composing.) So thanks for providing the score.

    My only query is the way you notated some chromatic semitone inflextions.



  • Say, how about you reply to some other people's pieces too?

    • It could be, as he mentioned in previous replies that he doesn't have internet access outside of university. His town is in the interior. At first I thought it was a small place but I see it has a population of almost a million. Even so it could be that service in residential areas is poor.

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