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---where's a piano Tuna when you need one?

----now I can write some light piano music!

----Wow! That group of fish must have been a music school!

----That damn AMAZON--that was supposed to have been delivered YESTERDAY!!! :)

----That'll put a damper (pedal) on your day :)

----Poor Bob had misunderstood his piano tutor's instruction and attempted to play the piece in the key of sea :)

Add your own :)

Thanks Bob

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Fishing  the Florida Keys is just not the same as it used to be.  

No!,  I do not want to play Mal de Mer with you.

Beam me up Scarlatti.

Dang, these piano 'lessons' are getting to be a headache.

---Only known picture of John Cage's premiere of the 3rd movement of 4.33. The pianist's body was never recovered

No, dammit...I said I'd PRAY to be saved, not PLAY to be saved!! :)

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