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---where's a piano Tuna when you need one?

----now I can write some light piano music!

----Wow! That group of fish must have been a music school!

----That damn AMAZON--that was supposed to have been delivered YESTERDAY!!! :)

----That'll put a damper (pedal) on your day :)

----Poor Bob had misunderstood his piano tutor's instruction and attempted to play the piece in the key of sea :)

Add your own :)

Thanks Bob

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  • Fishing  the Florida Keys is just not the same as it used to be.  

    No!,  I do not want to play Mal de Mer with you.

    Beam me up Scarlatti.

    Dang, these piano 'lessons' are getting to be a headache.

  • ---Only known picture of John Cage's premiere of the 3rd movement of 4.33. The pianist's body was never recovered

  • No, dammit...I said I'd PRAY to be saved, not PLAY to be saved!! :)

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