Another piece of sleepy music - using muted strings except solos.

Not at all atonal but fairly chromatic.  Composition finished 31 January, given its final going over two weeks ago so I could put a legible score together.

Thank you if you can give it a hearing. It needs to be played quietly.

 18" x 12" oils on linen. 


Across night lake 310122 - 192.mp3

01 - Across Night Lake - 160322 VDR.pdf

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  •  Great score Dane!

    Good interchange of ensemble and solos, as if they're in a quiet conversation. The ambience and recording are of superb quality.

    Just a small remark or question: have yoy changed the release tails here and there in the solo strings (mainly violin)? Sometimes they sound like cut off. In normal playing they can stay in their standard position (around 63).

    Congrats, very good and enjoyable piece!


    • Hi, Jos,

      Many thanks for your generous comments. It's pleasing that in spite of itself it made some sense. And that you spotted the antiphony and the effect of dialogue.

      As for the solo's me fiddling around with the reverb again, trying to put them nearer the front = meaningless as they'd just be the sections leaders there at their desks. I rarely mess around with the releases. I think I have - I can't remember on what - but as they form a relevant part of the sound I leave them alone! 

      Again, thank you indeed.

  • Hello Dane

    Great piece, I enjoyed it very much and the orchestration is really interesting and colourful. Did you write directly for the orchestra?
    Congratulations and very best wishes, Michael

    • Hello Michael, 

      Thank you indeed for your kind comments. Interesting question about the composition. I usually compose on the table with much help from the piano but I think orchestrally and usually expand a piano score as I go (literally or just text notes about what's playing what). I make some adjustments in the DAW although by then the harmony and timing has been sorted out (I hope). I tend to regard all instruments in their own right so look upon them individually while scoring. I don't know if this is a good practice or not. (In my list of presets, all woodwind and a few others are in a folder called "colours".)

      So, thanks again, Michael.


      • Hello Dane
        thanks for expanding on your process. It probably takes a lot of experience to think orchestrally, I find that impressive, congrats and very best, Michael

        • Honestly nothing special. It just comes from score study which I started early in my secondary school. Music in those days was treated seriously - plenty of encouragement. Then, as Gordon Jacob said, good scoring came from intelligent listening.

          I could say just the same about your pianistic bravura. Impressed hardly says it and turning it into compositional skill doubles the effect. Can't deny envying you. I just about scraped through ABRSM Grade 8. 

          If you should want to write orchestrally just choose scores you like that won't take too much work. Piano concerti or piano quintets. 



          • Thanks for your supportive comments. I would love to compose a piano concerto, but I still need some training first, so unless you wanted to write the orchestra part and I the piano part, it will have to wait :)

  •  First of all, I lovre the picture, very captivating and peaceful, I want to get there now!

    The m usic is like the picture, very peaceful and calming.  Not really lulling me to sleep, but keeping me focused on getting there, getting somewhere.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Rene,

      Sincere thanks for your comments and listening to the piece. I'm glad it made some kind of sense and captured the mood which was meant to be peaceful, placid.

      Strange, in a way...when I did that painting I was thinking of where I might like to be, away from the madding world, traffic, stresses... It was also influenced by all-too-brief visits to the Antilles away from tourist spots; places where things move at a more human pace if that makes sense.

      I'm also pretty sure that the tropical atmosphere inspired this and other pieces that I recently presented. 

      I too wish for peace and understanding among people. 

      All the best, Dane.

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