• Not knowing Latin, what are those dreadful words?


    Becca, I'd love to hear this with real voices!

  • Sounds interesting, and this is a good room for singer's playing with their voices. My ear though requires some string pizzicato or harp intrusions where the 4/4 vs 5/4 meters follow each other. For example, adding some arpeggio harp chords on the 4th beat of some 5/4 bars, and maybe some other accompaniment, which clarifies the rhythm. Good work!
  • Thank you for your responses! When setting out to write an a cappella for some reason the word "Abraham" kept coming to me, so I selected the latin vulgate version of Genesis 22:1b which is indeed the passage where God tests Abraham's faith by asking him to sacrifice his son, but intervenes in the end. 


    I was heavily influenced by Tan Dun's Water Passion, that is certainly where the vocal slides come from, and also by Toru Takemitsu's Grass.


    I need to go back and look at those alternating meters, I have a feeling they may not always be necessary and I agree the rhythm could be clarified and made easier to follow.

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