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Hi guys, just joined today, glad to be here:)

I just finished my bachelor in virtual arts and design not so long ago and I'm thinking of taking up a masters course in composing. I'm looking for schools which offer a composer's education with specialization in video games. I've been searching around the net and found that schools like Berklee, and a couple of other American school, offers just this. The problem is though;

I live in Norway and the United states is a bit far. Do any of you guys know of other schools which offers similar courses in other countries? (Mainly Europe)

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  • Hi Chris!

    Thank you so much, this is perfect :)

    To be honest I guess the master study part was a bit misleading. I'm very open for undergraduate courses as well if that broadens the possibilities.

    It's quite hard to find what I'm looking for just by googling. It almost seems like one would have to know the online educational system for the country one is looking in to find anything of use (USA appparently being an exception). 

    I will look into these and possibly send a few applications, thanks again :)

    If there are still more suggestions out there, I would gladly welcome them! 

  • Berklee offers this course in Valencia, Spain.

    Here in Switzerland we have a similar course too.

  • Hi Keman, thanks for the tips :) I found out about the Valencia course a while after this post, but I didn´t know about the swiss one.

    Raymond: Are you referring to this one https://soundcloud.com/meuw ? Everything there is my own music expect for one song which I shared from a friend of mine, and a Billy Martin ¨Rayman legends¨ collection which I figured had waaaay to few listens proportionate with it´s quality and fame. I do believe that it is quite obvious that these are merely other´s songs which I only have shared. It must have been a while since you checked it out since I removed them from my profile quite a while back. Also, I just found out that the page I had shared on my composer´s forum page was only a link to the main stream and not my personal profile, just a stupid mistake which I have now fixed. Did this clear up the misunderstanding?

  • Hi Ray, cool that you checked it out, and thanks for asking :) Well, not too well, as I decided on a new career path slightly under a year ago when I started composing music instead. Although, it has given me some experience with making movies and games, as well as a few connections within that line of work, which most likely will come very handy when I somewhere in the future hope to become a composer for those mediums (I am more fond of video games than movies, but I believe it will be some time before I acquire the privilege to be picky)

    - Sondre

  • Hello, Sondre. Did you uncover this online option: http://online.berklee.edu/

    I took one course there and was really impressed. Also, there's an MFA in California completely online that's for music composition. And another at Stephen F. Austin, a master's in composition, completely online.

  • Hei Jenny, thanks for the reply :)

    In a world where online communication are ever removing boundaries of location, I believe online courses are a fine alternative for those who don´t have the opportunity to partake in physical courses. However, I have recently been working on some projects where we have been communicating exclusively online, and, being used to work in the same room as my colleagues, I have discovered the limitations of this way of working the hard way (a three week project ended up taking several months, much owing to the lack of physical communication).

    Anyway, it is possible that I will have to resolve to this solution for various reasons. Either way it´s very helpful to have as much information as possible, and your satisfaction with your course is one point advantage online courses.

    I appreciate you all taking your time to answer my question :)

  • Hello, Sondre. What I really appreciated about Berklee Online was the weekly feed back provided by the instructor. It's a video / audio file. They go through your score point by point and provide personal individual nearly immediate feed back. And they are always available for additional communication if necessary. To tell the truth, I did not get that kind of individual focus at all in my campus courses, even in one one one sessions with instructors during their office hours. Of course, there is feed back from other students as well. Hope this helps and please do tell us what you decide to do. And best wishes!

  • Thank you so much Jenny, I will :)

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