Hello good people of the Forum :-)

I trust you all had good Xmas & New Year and that you managed to get away from token family arguments and that like hehe!

I was very busy before Xmas with a big gig in Portsmouth in my band that i was waffling on about to some of my new friendlies on here before Xmas.

So heres another novice composition from a rock musician....what do you think? is my second one better? am i getting it? (cowers in corner!) hehehe

Any comments would be appreciated, ive been scanning some of the members on here theres so much talent around.

Also on another note, im a songwriter and one credit i will give myself is my alarming output, that comes with being single hehehe, but im looking to get film, and TV placement anyone got any in roads? Things like TAXI are pointless 6% success rate for £400 that could be better spent elsewhere!

Anyway please let me know what you think of my composition :-)

Hope your all well



Morning Final.mp3

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  • anyone wanna give me some pointers? x


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