I have just finished this piece and wanted to share it with you guys/gals for feedback.

Before I started writing this piece I was thinking hard about the theme and emotions for the piece.
I have no idea what theme I actually went with at the end but the emotions I wanted were uplifting and calm..., I guess balanced. Pretty hard for me to explain but I hope it makes a little bit of sense.

I was listening to some John Barry for some inspiration since I remember a certain feeling I used to have when listening to him as a kid. I guess that I felt balanced.

Anyways, I am still learning how to work with my emotions around music and hope that for now this is a ok start.

It is yet again repetitive but I tried to keep it interesting. I personally would like to keep it with this repetition and try to fix all the mistakes I may have done in writing this.
I am mostly skeptical about the Cello and Contrabass section.
No idea if the Cello can handle playing this in p since it is playing pretty low and also playing intervals instead of single notes.
The Contrabass is as usual my biggest worry since I feel like I am just abandoning him there all the way at the bottom without any support from the cello or viola. Especially since it is supposed to be played pizzicato.

The intervals between string sections are pretty big as well and I do not know if it works either. Not sure if I should make the viola and 2nd Violin section play divisi in two voices or not.

Adding more instruments could probably fix a lot of problems but I want to learn how to work with the strings before adding more colors.

Hope this information is sufficient. I got a PDF file attached so you can check the sheet music while listening to the piece.

Thanks for listening and thanks ahead for any feedback and criticism that you may have with this.



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  • Hi Marcel,

    I can hear the Barry influence. There's nothing wrong with your theme here, except that it struck me as a little slow, would suggest a slight uptick in tempo (1-5%), but of course that is a matter of personal taste. I would say m. 18 is where you want to start adding in some variance/instrument color. I leave it to someone else to answer the technical question about intervals, as I am not an expert in that area >

    Thanks for posting! 


  • It isn't a long work so its repetition is fine. You introduce enough thematic variation to carry it through without losing interest. It's a quiet work, most pleasant to listen to. (Mike Nyman wrote far longer works under his minimalist style but they appealed mainly to his fans.)

    Your vertical spread, the registers the instruments are playing in, is fine by me - I tend to like "opened out" chords like this and no worries about the double bass. I'd say quiet pizzicato would be typical in this work. The cello parts are playable without trouble. Cellos can handle ppp on their lowest strings without mutes. (I'm fond of the muted string sound but that's a matter of taste.)

    what's interesting is that the hairpins you apply to the violas would naturally occur in the cellos because they engage two strings together at about the middle of the viola cresc. A nice effect.

    Where are the mistakes? I see none.

    For a short piece it's most pleasant. 

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    About the tempo, you are right. I made it a bit faster and it sounds better that way.
    I do need to add some more color because since there is so much repetition in it. Gotta figure out what to add or change for that.

    I am glad to hear that the vertical spread is fine and not too far apart from each other. I added hairpins to the cello section and it does sound better as well that way.

    I will see what I can do to change it a little bit in the next few days since I have 4 days free from work at the moment.

    Thanks again for the feedback. I will upload it again after I made more changes to it.

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