• This is slower? A ballroom slow waltz is 90 bpm. This is not a vienese waltz (160bpm iirc) but still pretty fast for dancing.

    Ok, great melodies. Very pleasant to listen to.

    About the accompaniment. You start out with the strings playing the 2,3 beats of every measure. Fine. But at the 0:46 mark you go into a section with a different character, and still that pa-pa keeps going. Some variety in how you handle the accompaniment would be nice. Adapt to the character of the melody.

  • Hi Gerd,

    An effective waltz in a traditional style -


  • A most pleasant piece, great orchestral balance and scoring, a fair bit of variety there. The duration doesn't demand change or variety otherwise although I felt the closing bars were rather heavy. We went from a ballroom-styled orchestra to a big tutti quite suddenly which was at loggerheads with the delicate opening. I liked the phrasing and harmonic progressions though.

    Unlike Victor who has replied, I'm no ballroom dance pundit so I just took the music as it was.

    All good. :)

  • I don't find the section at 0'46" really has a different character but the second and third beat chords start to jar for me after a while as they seem wrong at times as well as repetitive-- I assume the effect is supposed to be somewhat humorous. The music becomes more attractive from 2'10" when it's fuller and so the conclusion is entirely fitting -- here I have the opposite view of Dane!

  • Hi Gerd,

    I always love the waltz, and this is truly enjoyable, lovely to dance with.

    I like the slower version here, one can really hear the melodies, which are very refreshing and joyful.

    Love this recording.


  • Wow, Gerd, that is fun to listen to! I think the use of staccato notes in the beginning is so playful, it opens quite naturally into the larger and more splendid variations towards the end. It's like playing with a kitten -- sometimes they are so soft and fuzzy, and sometimes they jump you like a tiger, but it is all an organic whole.

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