There it is... Its just piano and timpani for now, I'm just jotting down some ideas, so the structure will change. I'll Most likely try to expand on the material I have written for now, since there seems to be some pretty cool little cells in there.

The comments are there to give you some kind of an idea of the sound and orchestration I'm thinking of.

I hope you like it!


...And if you have any suggestions/ideas/feedback please share!

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  • Thanks for the comment!



    Orchestration still needs a lot of refining and tweaking, and there's quite long way to go until the piece is finished, but I'm making steady progress.

    I hope you like it!

    Feedback is appreciated.

  • Really nice use of percussion! And I agree there are some really cool cells in there.  Maybe some contrast next?  Something not so intense before returning?
  • Update:


    I've slightly adjusted the orchestration here and there... the 'big jazzy' cords are now orchestrated properly.

    the 'slow part', I think will have a more modern vibe to it.


    the brass that comes in at the end will be adjusted and changed, so don't pay to much attention to that.

  • The musical ideas are rich and beautiful !!!

    The orchestrated version even now sounds like a high quality soundtrack ( surely will sound even better in the future ) : if your goal is to have it accepted by a major production library then you've succeeded ... this because it will sound exactly like the hundreds or thousands of tracks in the library ...

    On the other hand the sketch is outstanding from the point of view of pianistic writing, very original and uncommon ... if you built your piece as a PIANO music enhanced ( moderately and softly ) by orchestration you might almost surely get a great musical achievement ...

    Depends on the audience you target ...

  • Lovely in places - really sumptuous harmonies. Reminds me in places of Brecht-style theatricality. I'll look forward to the rest.
  • Thanks Fredrick! That's exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    I really love the stuff around 0:40 and 2:00 forward. Really inspirational.


    Since I'm not at all happy with what happens after 00:47 on my piece. I don't think I want to take this piece where its sort of going now, but keep it more stylistically focused.

    I'm trying to figure out how to continue after the big chords in some kind of a tasteful fashion.. maybe some light arpeggios or something. Don't know really. I'd really like to have some softer stuff before the end. maybe some kind of a variation on the introduction horn melody


    Thanks for the comments!!

  • Very interesting piece man! 
    i loved the orchestration!
  • Hey, thanks!



    There's a bunch of new stuff...

    I had some difficulties writing from 0.48 forward, but once I got the first few low notes done i was able to pull the rest off relatively "easily".

    what do you think?


    Phew... Its finally finished!

    I hope you like the final result :)

  • first class soundtrack, beautiful orchestration, professional mix ...

    would have  been a splendid piano-centric piece, but this is my personal view ...

    I said 'the sketch is outstanding from the point of view of pianistic writing, very original and uncommon' ...

    well, your choice ...

    best ...


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