This song just hit me outta nowhere like a ton of bricks. I had the parts wrote in a few hours.
The bridge section was constructed by inverting and rotating the pitches in different places and transposing the results to the new chords.
That was last night, today I mixed and mastered it.

Its a very short song, the shortest I have ever wrote.

I just updated the score and mp3 to version 3  (feb 02 2010)

four voices v3.pdf

Four Voices v3.mp3

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  • Really Really good.
    All parts are playable and work very well with each other.
    Its a very fun piece of music. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that the bassoon kind of got the short end of the stick when it comes to parts. I wished the bass line had more of an interesting part. But other then that, great job.
  • Thank you both for taking the time to listen. That means a lot to get input from my fellows. It has been because of reply's to my past posts that have allowed me to learn how to write out these scores.

    you are right about the bassoon that has bothered me from the start, I have been trying to work more into the part but so far everything I have tried has just made it kinda muddy.. at least to my ear. Perhaps in the near future something will happen there =)
  • And then one hour later...
    I haven't rendered it yet but for now here is the new score =)

    Mike said:
    Perhaps in the near future something will happen there =)

    four voices.pdf

    a short song for woodwinds - updated with ver 3
    This song just hit me outta nowhere like a ton of bricks. I had the parts wrote in a few hours.The bridge section was constructed by inverting and ro…
  • Hello,

    I like this piece, its very transparent by its simplicity and works very well. I have the same problem about the bassoon though. I hope you get to spice it, there room for improvement. :)

  • As all have mentioned, I also think, that this is a very nice piece indeed...

    I share the opinion with Tyler (about bassoons), though I understand very much: for those who enjoy rock music alot, a steady bass is very pleasing - I, too have been listening to rock music over a decade by now.

    At the end the descending melody is very disturbing to me, 'cause it has a "folk"-feeling, which takes away from the power of the woodwind (flute and oboe?) lines before it... You could add a counterpoint to that part instead of writing paralell voices (just an idea).

    All in all great! The climax (shown in speedy phrases) is really fun listening to; The harmony progressions are also very pleasing...

    Your next goal could be writing a lengthy song in this manner, and adding some string-(quartet?) accompaniment.

    Keep it up : )

  • Thank you all for taking the time out to listen and comment.
    I have uploaded a 3rd version (see original post up at the top)
    some of your ideas influenced me a bit but what I did was I picked up my bass guitar and played the bassoon part on it and worked it tell it fit nice.
    I like what I got now. the Bassoon has a more lively part now but maintains the driving pulse that ties the song together.
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