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Hi everyone, please check out my new work for Flute(dbling picc.) Clarinet(Doubling Bass Clarinet), violin, cello, and piano.

The performers are the Boston based contemporary ensemble, Boston Musica Viva.

Sequential Passions is a work that grew from a strenuous time in my life. It is an expression of a state of mind. The work was constructed around several oscillations between different contrasting musical ideas. In the first movement, restrained and ambiguous combinatory harmonies are interrupted by a defiant sounding tutti. The former idea then attempts to resolve the conflict by opening up and reaching a conclusion. However, the latter material comes back uninhibited, assertive, and protests against the resolution from the first movement. The musical direction is very much inspired by dialectical development(i.e. music in which the development attempts to resolve an argument). The music repeatedly alternates between cogent tutti passages and an opposing bass clarinet melody, which gradually leads back into the sound world of the first movement. The harmonies resolve in a more conclusive manner and bring the music to rest, while the preceding material gradually becomes fragmented and distant

Thank you for listening to my music. I would love to hear feedback from anyone.



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Matthew, that was fantastic. Your composition is confident, mature, and expressive. From the description above, evidently you planned out the structure of the piece carefully, and that's all good - but what I took away from the first listen wasn't the combinatory harmonies or dialectical development... I heard the emotional intensity you drew out of the instruments. Kudos to the players too, because that was an excellent performance. Bravo! - that's one you should be proud of because IMHO you nailed it. I'd love to hear more.

This is very beautiful. 


Hi Ian and Mariza,

Thank you for the kind remarks, and taking time to listen to my music. I'm delighted that you both enjoyed it!


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