• Hi Songwon,

    This is a pleasant tune! I think you convey the love letter you intended!



  • I think it certainly did convey yet deliver the love message, it's a relaxing yet a romantic piece, very catchy phrase at the opening, then it gets to me with that really sensational move to a higher octave at second 0:34, the dynamics sense that you have is interesting, coz although it has many rests but it sounds so rich in every standard, barely see any rooms for improvements, but if I must say one, I would say try to repeat the sensation at second 0:34 at different spots during the piece playing, coz i really connected to that. Well done, despite the simplicity, it is rich already.

  • Thank you Gav for the kind words. 

    And thank you Islam for the feedback. Noted and will consider it if I ever decide to make revisions. 

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