Inspired by another member with "Making a Piano Piece in a Day" I remembered this little 3-part fugue that was written in an evening at Dartington summer school about a decade ago.

About 4 of us decided impromptu on a challenge to write a short easy piece one evening. This was mine: tonal, in C major so wasn't difficult. 

I transcribed it into a daw around 2012 looking at the file date although engraved it just today. 

Of course it's impossible to play unless you're nimble spreading the middle voice between thumbs of both hands! I never played it at this tempo.

Anyway, here it is. 

Or it WAS. 

 It's giving me an error message "The URL has already been taken. Please choose another."

 Crikey what IS going on with this site? I'n not using a URL. I posted a score and an audio file.

Forget it - sorry I bothered you all. Getting close to bed-time now. Why can't things be simple?

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  • Why can't simple things be simple? Well, you can blame it on people like me, who write software that sometimes don't work.  😉 Technology is all wonderful and everything -- until it doesn't work. 🤣

    But that's neither here nor there. I hope you'll try again sometime. If it's a fugue I must hear it!

    • True. Because it isn't tested. Users are supposed to test stuff these days. For the software developer "if it compiles error free, release it!"

      Even the error message is daft unless the program has deja vu as the filenames have never been used before.

      Plus, I notice, the ability to delete a post/topic has been removed.

      But you know what it's like - development starts to go over-budget, scope-creep etc so the developer cuts back on testing. Now they barely test at all.  Let's get back to Assembler so that every step has to be right or the thing won't work at all....probably a darned sight quicker than that ridiculous C++ !!



      • Haha, sounds like you have some experience in these matters.

        The whole release before testing thing I believe started with Microsoft's "creative" marketing. Why spend the money to thoroughly test the product before release, when you can just ship a buggy product before your competitors get theirs out the door, and then charge your customers for the bug-fixes you should have done the first time round by calling it the next version? It's a win-win situation. You outpace your competitors and win the customers, then screw the customers over by getting them to pay you for what you failed to do the first time round. It's an absolute genius idea.

        Unless you're the customer, of course. So much for the old adage "the customer is always right, even when they're wrong". These days it's more like, "the customer always pays, even when they shouldn't."

        Of course, the other side of the story is that the developer often has to work under unreasonable deadlines, like this one time on Friday afternoon I got handed a top priority project. The due date? The day before. Gee, thanks for giving me ample notice... so you can guess what kind of quality the work must have had. This happens on a fairly regular basis, and what you get is the typical quality of software these days. 🤷

        (At least I had it better than an ex-coworker, who had a similar thing handed to him on a Friday afternoon, and then proceeded to sacrifice his entire weekend to get it done before Monday morning, only to be told on Monday that actually the work wasn't needed after all. Sparks flew that day, I tell ya.)

  • Good to hear from you Dane, I miss hearing some music here though. There must be a proxy wall around your neck of the woods I think?  Perhaps we could smuggle it out somehow and one of us could post it?  Anyway glad to hear you are still around and composing, I'll look forward to hearing more later.

    • Hi, Ingo. Nice to hear from you too. 

      Making progress on that Cantata thing I mentioned months ago but I had to revise the music significantly - difficult because the original came so spontaneously in the early sketches so I don't want to lose that by struggling to force-fit revisions. 'Little and often' seems to be the way.

      Well, this isn't the first time I've hit trouble here so whether I can post any new work remains to be seen. It would have helped if the error message made sense.

      Keep let me turn up the screen brightness so I can find the dark blue Comment button among the dark grey storm clouds!

  • I'm glad I inspired a post! haha Sorry it didn't work out...

    • It was mostly fun at those Summer Schools, especially if you didn't like the tutor! 

This reply was deleted.