A Piano Concerto

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share my latest piece for piano concerto. This composition is divided into 3 phases; the first 2 contain a specific main theme that will be combined in the 3rd phase, with a slight variation. In the first phase, I also introduced a Sundanese melody (played by flute, starting at 05:17 ), that might bear its own interest. This specific melodic structure has been living in me since my childhood. Please have a listen, and any feedback will be highly appreciated.


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  • Unfortunately I couldn't give the time to listen to the entire work right now but I listened to the first movement - ended around 11'30" or so. I'll try to return to the rest shortly.

    It's a charming piece, flows along well and is refreshingly different from classical form The thin textures make it easy to listen to and follow. The piano part sounds played live. Were you mixing it into a sampled orchestral rendering? (It could also all be live). You had some interesting instrument doublings in unison. 

    One point - the flute tune you mentioned at 5'17" was obscured a by the piano. It could be that you develop / repeat it further on in this movement - I'm not sure. If it's important, perhaps you could bring it forward a little?

    Have you a pdf score? I could comment a little more if so. 

    Anyway, well done - and I look forward to listening to the rest when I can.

    A final note. I see that, like me, you still compose on paper! 

    Cheers, Dane.

    • Hi Dane! Thanks so much for taking time listening to it. The piano is a sampled library (Grand Rhapsody from Waves), the orchestra is from Spitfire Audio. The flute and the piano at 5'17'' are actually playing the Sundanese tunes I mentioned, only the flute takes the main melody, while the piano accompanying it. This will be repeated shortly on the very last part of the third movement/phase, played by horns and trombones.

      No, I haven't copied the score on the pdf, still on paper. But will do it surely for live performance, should that one take place.

      Looking forward to your next input when done listening to the rest.



  • Two melodies to combine; 1st phase (a Sundanese tune), 2nd phase (a somewhat Japanese tune).

    Thinking of making the same structure for a symphony medium.

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