A Noon Day's Tea in the City

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted.  Just wanted to come on here and share this track I completed yesterday.  I hope it resonates with tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike! 


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  • Nice and cheerful, more the setting of a café that serves a decent cuppa. Long enough to drink it too.

    So you get away with it as 'modern mediaeval' because they wouldn't have had tea during the original time.

    We were told that tea was invented by Asterix's Getafix as a magic potion when Caesar tried to invade Britain but I don't believe it!

    • Hi Dane, thanks for the comments:)  I don't know the origins of tea in the history of the world, but in my life, I transitioned from coffee to tea in college, and never looked back!!


      - RF


  • Ronald it is wonderfull! It is really resonates but not only with tea drinkers (I'm including beer drinkers too :)) Would you mind if I send your youtube link to "beer drinkers" in https://musescore.com/community ?  

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    • Thanks Patrick, glad you like it:)  Sure, you can repost the link.  Thanks for listening



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