I'm glad to publish a new piece for woodwinds. The quintet is not very usual, it contains flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon. I think this piece has more interesting parts than my previous one.

All the instruments are Sample Modeling (latest versions of the end of 2014 year).

As usual, criticism will be very helpful.

Virtal - Gnome Forest.mp3

Virtal - Gnome Forest.pdf

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  • Alexey,

         Seems like you have three sections to the piece.  I liked the intro which was playful and quirky.  Around meas. 40 it got a little dark or muddy.  I think it was the repeated triplets that become annoying.  From meas. 66 on it's more interesting.  I would change the triplets in the middle section.  Otherwise it was a cute enjoyable piece.

  • Some nice interplay between the voices. The middle section seems to lose focus and direction and seems to wander.

    The final part starting at m66 with the bassoon is very well done.

    As Lawrence said, the piece is "playful and quirky", and I find that to be a good thing.

    Quick note;  bass clarinet is written in treble clef and sounds a 9th down.

  • Thanks for comments.

    This is interesting that middle sections sounds annoying and unfocused. I think, this adds tension in a little bit unusual way. This sounds not very musical and pleasing, and thus creates specific emotional atmosphere. I really try to add something unusual and experimental into my pieces, although I sometimes write something usual too.

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