Hi all!

I am going to post an orchestral piece that perhaps took maximum amount of work among the other orchestral pieces that I posted here. I tried my best. I would be very thankful for something like "In second X it sounds not realistic because YYYY" - because I personally cannot do better right now.

This piece was produced with a new reissued Play version of a good old library EWQLSO (Gold edition), so it does not sound like 2014 year libraries used to sound, but again I did my best to use library to full potential.

Virtal - Gold.pdf

Virtal - Gold.mp3

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  • I love the "airy" feel of this, probably due to the pentatonic nature of it.

    To me, this feels like it could be a prelude to a much bigger work - as a stand alone for me it just kind of peters out.  An introduction of sorts.  I can easily imagine the end of this flowing into a slower more serene "movement".  The opening has a real energy and sense of optimism to it - it put me in mind of Vaughan Williams or even Resphigi - I can't quite put my finger on it, before settling down into something with a very "Eastern" feel to it.

  • Hi Alexy
    Agree with Aaron's comment about it being in a bigger work. I actually thought as a section inside a larger movement.
    Good energy.
    I did think some punctuation at some points would help.
    Also not sure of the flute part at end, would like to hear it with the flutter tongue.
  • Thanks a lot for your comments.

    - Michael, what do you mean by punctuation? Flute is already with flutter tongue, what do you mean?

    - I do not hear noise at :40. I really listened here several times with monitors and my Sennheiser HD650. Not sure what can it be?

    - Snare drum - yes, I need to find some other way to make it less prominent, not just decrease volume! I think, choose another, more dampened snare drum.

    - Pentatonic really has power, although it is so simple that sometimes I try to avoid it.

  • Sorry Alexey.
    Meant to say without flutter tongue.
    I had another listen to refresh my memory.
    What I was thinking of was the figure at the beginning of bar 35 and how it could be used as a full stop and then restart in the next bar.
    Hope this is clearer.
  • I just started listening and love your piece. Lots of influence of Ravel in the opening? Sorry for not being more details in my comment but will write more later when I get the chance to listen carefully.

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